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Who are RMBL Investments?
RMBL is an AFS licensed contributory mortgage investment manager. The qualified team at RMBL have a
depth of knowledge that has allowed the company to operate for over 50 years. By investing with RMBL,
members have access to an investment into a loan secured by a first registered mortgage, as well as access to
the teams expertise in mortgage investing. RMBL has built a reputation for delivering excellent and friendly service.
Who can invest?
Any person including individuals or other entities may invest in the Scheme. An investor is known as a
'Member'. The Scheme is open to both retail and wholesale members. RMBL currently manages invest-
ments for professional investors, family trusts, young savers, retirees, superannuation funds, estates
caring for dependants, churches and charities-to name a few.
Type of investment:
Investment is into a specific loan, as outlined in a Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement (SPDS)
provided to you prior to your funds being invested into a loan. Interest rates range from between 4.8%
to 7.75% (variable). Loans are priced according to relative risk factors, Loan to Value Rations (LVRs)
and Borrower credientials amongst other things.
Interest is paid monthly and there are no fees.
How to begin your investment future:
Upon receipt of the Application form, which is attached to the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) 
which we can provide to you when you visit our office and complete a satisfactory Identification check, your
funds are placed into a Trust Account. RMBL will forward you (SPDS) and Consent Form before it places your
funds into a loan.
With an initial investment of $10,000.00 (or a lesser amount at the discretion of RMBL) with no upper limit,
there is flexibility for Members to tailor their investments as required spreading investments over a range
of Sub Schemes in varying amounts and for different durations.
There are no fees or commission payable by members (including early redemption). All fees are payable by borrowers
in relation to the operation of the Scheme. Details of the Fees payable by Borrowers are included in the PDS.
Who would be suited to RMBL Investments?
For details about the Target Market for the Scheme, you should consider the Target Market Determination (TMD)
available on RMBL's website at
For more information:
To collect your PDS, get information any other enquiries, please contact us via the below information.

Please note that The Perrett Group Gippsland Pty Ltd is unable to provide you with general or personal advice
in respect to the Scheme and you will need to consider the PDS and TMD before making an investment
into the Scheme.
The Perrett Group Gippsland Pty Ltd
15 Roughead Street
Leongatha Vic 3953
P: 03 5662 4111
RMBL is not authorised by ASIC to provide financial advice and you should consult your Business Advisor,
Financial Planner, Accountant or such other expert as you may deem fit to ensure that your investment is in
compliance with your needs, and meets with your investment criteria.
ABN 19 004 493 789 AFS License Holder under the Australian Securities and Investment Commission
AFS License No. 223246
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